About Us

Who we are?

CiboTech Laboratories is a consulting laboratory that specializes in food-borne particulate testing. When a physical contaminant or questionable particle is found in a food product, people want to know:

1. What is it?
2. How did it get in there?
3. When did it get in there?

The inception of CiboTech arose out of the need for a food testing laboratory that embraced modern standards and practices, yet maintained a common-sense approach to problem-solving and service. The problems that a food product can encounter, from farm to fork, are often unique to that particular product. However, most testing labs will address those problems with very generalized protocols and one-size-fits-all testing. An effective testing methodology for food-borne particulate, which can determine not only the identity of a foreign material, but also the source of the contaminant, requires an intimate and expansive knowledge of food matrices, production and manufacturing practices, logistics, and food preparation operations. CiboTech Laboratories approaches each sample as specialized investigators. We are not a division within a division of a megalab that tests everything from ballistic missile fuel to rubber ducks. We have devoted our lives and careers to the study of food and feed and everything that should and shouldn’t be in it. Let us help you with your physical contaminant testing needs.